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The Comeback has begun!

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Open Mics

So, this is the comedy scene now, huh? Boy do I feel old. It has been difficult starting over again. I have forced myself to hide out in the open mic scene for several months to regain my timing and memorize both old and new jokes. I wasn't ready to reach out to the comics that I had started with for stage time just yet. I remember being at a Burt Smooth show in the mid 2000s and seeing a comedian that I had first seen on "Def Comedy Jam" hit the stage for the first time after being released from prison. I don't know why he went away nor do I care. It is irrelevant to this story and he served his time and now, he should have the opportunity to continue his life. Having said that, there is a reason that I am not identifying who it is because... he was in jail for something and I've never heard of someone going to jail for anything pleasant. I've heard of people going to jail for some bullshit! I've heard of people going to jail for something that they did not do. I've never heard of someone going to jail for doing nice things.

Well, that experience was seared in my mind, so when I came back I knew that I would not want to experience that. I recall seeing his face change up there. All comics recognize that look, when things are not going well and survival is the only option. That was the last time that I saw that comic. I hope he figured it out and is now killing the stage instead of the alternative.

There are so many more comedians now. Luckily, there are a bunch more open mics that previously. Now, you have to register online or email for most mics. I cursed the change at first but, weeks later, I've finally got the hang of it and admit that the new way it better.

I have progressed pretty rapidly and continue to do the open mics. I have been told that I need to leave the open mic scene but I refuse to do so. I have gotten a smattering of booking on regular shows as well as some guest spots but that is not enough to hone this skill. Nothing replaces stage time! Also, I have a family so, I am not able to go out every single day like these young comic do. I have to be efficient. I find myself running around like Will Smith's character in the "Pursuit of Happiness". I go from mic-to-mic, trying new stuff and editing between sets. On a well planned Tuesday, I can do up to 6 sets and by the end of most nights, I have whittled a premise a something presentable. I find that these constraints have resulted in my becoming a better writer and a better comic.

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