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Sasha Guillaume is a New York based comedian. He was born and raised in the Westchester County suburbs of NYC. He officially began his comedy career in 2001, though his first-time telling jokes on stage was at an eight-grade talent show at Our Lady of Mercy Elementary School in 1994.

Sasha was a comic on the NYC comedy scene for four years strong before abruptly and responsibly exiting stage-left after his wife gave birth of his first son; and now they have two. 

Prior to leaving the comedy scene in 2005, Sasha was featured at the Connecticut Comedy Festival, the Patrice O'Neal Roast, The MSG Network Comedy March Madness and the NYC Underground Comedy Festival. His onscreen work includes his role as “The Onlooker” in the 2005 silent film “Interrupted Motion” by Shantale Maurice. 

Sasha took a fourteen-year hiatus from comedy to become a serial-entrepreneur. He used some of the same skills and dedication needed to be a successful comedian and applied them to his entrepreneurial endeavors. Sasha has since returned to the stage in 2018 and is now making his way back to the main stages of comedy clubs across NYC. He is now applying the skills that have led to his successes in the “real-world” to relaunch his comedic career. 

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